Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse FAQs

The Staten Island lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr. answer your questions about Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse in New York.

What is the most common cause of nursing home injuries?

Unfortunately, the most common cause of nursing home injuries is elderly abuse. Injuries most commonly seen in nursing home abuse are fall down injuries, bed sores, decubutis ulcers, restrain injuries, dehydration and sepsis.

Always make sure to keep an eye on your elderly loved ones, especially if they are in a nursing home. Make sure you visit them frequently and ask questions if you notice something that makes you feel uncomfortable about them being there.

What are pressure ulcers or bed sores?

Pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers — more commonly known as bed sores – are injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin, such as when a person is confined to bed. Bed sores most often develop on skin that covers bony areas of the body, such as the heels, ankles, hips and tailbone. Bed sores are preventable with proper hygiene and frequent repositioning.

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