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Being struck by an object is one of the top causes of construction accidents in the United States. Construction workers are more likely to be struck by heavy objects due to the nature of their work. Construction job sites are dangerous and involve working with many different types of heavy machinery, sharp objects, cranes, and falling objects. Construction workers are often struck by heavy equipment, vehicles, concrete, falling or flying objects, or masonry walls.

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When an object strikes a construction worker on a construction site, the results can be devastating. If an object has struck you or your loved one on a construction site, you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Attorney Frank J. Dito has effectively represented personal injury victims in Staten Island and Brooklyn for over 17 years. After carefully reviewing your case, he will provide you with excellent legal advice and advocate for obtaining the compensation you deserve for your construction accident injuries.

Types of Struck-By Hazards in Construction Accidents in Staten Island

Anytime a person is working with heavy machinery, there is a risk that a struck-by construction accident will occur. When an object has been thrown, hurled, or propelled across space, there’s always a chance it could strike a construction worker. Sometimes a piece of metal separates from a machine, tool, or other equipment. The piece of metal may be propelled through the air and strike a construction worker, causing severe injuries or fatalities. Most types of struck-by hazards include the following:

  •  Struck by a flying object
  •  Struck by a falling object
  •  Struck by a swinging object
  •  Struck by a rolling object 

Struck By a Flying Object on a Construction Site

An object can be ejected from a piece of equipment or power tool. For example, a nail could be ejected negligently from a nail gun. The nail gun propels the nail by force, and the force can either be pneumatic or powder-actuated. Due to the force behind the fastener, power-actuated tools are particularly hazardous for construction workers. These fasteners are designed to break through concrete, wood, and steel, making it easy for them to cut through a construction worker. Additionally, any tools that use compressed air can cause devastating injuries.

Multiple different types of accidents can occur due to a worker being struck by a flying object. In one case, a construction worker was killed when a blast of compressed air from a gas pipeline struck him. In another case, a construction worker used a nail gun to affix a strap onto a residential home. He leaned over to the left and tried to place the nail into the strap. The nail ricocheted off of the strap and entered the left side of his head above his ear. In another case, a construction worker was trying to remove a frozen projectile from a track of a caterpillar front-end loader. He was struck by the projectile that entered his forehead.

Being Struck By a Crane or Falling Parts of a Crane

In New York City, construction workers frequently use large cranes to work on skyscrapers and other tall buildings. Unfortunately, cranes can be very dangerous when they are operated negligently. In some cases, the crane itself will fall over, crushing people below. In other cases, the crew will not carefully secure the load to the crane. Pieces of the load may come loose and fall on bystanders. 

Anytime the load, sling, or other crane attachments are not secured correctly, the load can swing or tip, causing the material to slide off and plunge to the ground below. Many injuries involving people being struck by cranes parts are preventable. Due to the massive size of cranes and the height and weight of crane loads, crane accidents often cause fatal injuries. When the construction company, construction workers, or crane operators do not use reasonable care, victims of crane accidents have a right to pursue compensation for their resulting injuries. 

Overhead Power Line Accidents

Between 2011 and 2018, 38 percent of all workplace fatalities related to electricity were caused by overhead power lines. When an overhead power line falls or becomes damaged, it can strike utility line workers, construction workers, or unknowing civilians down below. Most power line injuries and deaths are caused by human error. When an employer fails to follow state and federal regulations, power lines can fall onto bystanders’ cars or directly onto the bystanders, causing electrocution and cardiac arrest. 

Damages Available in a Struck-By Construction Accident

When construction workers are struck by machinery or equipment, the results can be catastrophic. Due to heavy machinery and dangerous working conditions, these types of accidents can cause brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal organ damage, and death. Under New York law, victims of personal injury accidents have a right to bring a lawsuit against the person or company whose negligence caused their injuries. If you’ve been injured in a preventable construction accident, you may have a right to pursue a legal claim to compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. A successful plaintiff can recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. 

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